Monday, February 15, 2010

I am FAT. So?

I met with an old friend yesterday at my friend's engagement. We used to be a good friend. I mean, really good. Close enough to make our parents put trust on us both (long time ago...). It's been long time we haven't bumped to each other. But seriously, tho I knew she is coming to that engagement, I wasn't excited to see her at all. I don't know why. Maybe because there is a gap between us. What kind of gap? I don't know or maybe I do know the answer but let's keep it discreet.

*ok!cut the crap*

There were few annoying words came out her mouth that strike out my head!

1. Lek An. lek an..ko dah takde peluang..takpe..adik dia ada...(she's been repeating it again and again..)
--> what the heck! tho between me and that lady who was getting engaged used to have a "funny+idiot history", that doesn't mean I still have feelings toward her! It was 9 years ago! During jahiliah period. Duuh!
--> Adik dia ada.So? Do I look like so desperately need a girlfriend right now? or because I am FAT, I can't find any other lady in this world? BIG DUUUHHHHH! You should have read my "CV" and browse to the part where I enclosed together with my "LIST OF EX-SSSSSSSS"!!

2. ....Makcik, yang no. 2 tu dah ada orang ke? An ada..boleh la tu...
--> again, DUUH! Am I that ugly or tak laku langsung to get orang lain?.Kena ke cakap macam tu?

One of my friends there try to back me up.."Eh, jangan pandang rendah kt an ni tau..etc..etc..(which don't have to mention here what she said..).."

3...... Ye ke?..(gelak macam aku ni betul2 tak laku la..apa yg diberitahu just penipuan semata-mata..)..
--> nothing much I can say..just.......herrm......malas la aku nak tulis kat sini....

In a nutshell,
I know I am a FAT guy. I don't have that "gorgeous look" like your "charming" boyfriend. I'm not presentable enough and don't reach your par level of searching Mr.Right. But that doesn't mean you can simply downgrading me by looking only physically...

Here what this Mr. FAT OBNOXIOUS guy looking for:

1. An average "maintenance" lady, relating to physical well-being rather than emotional or SPIRITUAL well-being.

2. I want "that lady" and me together looking for world material as well as searching for the happiness HEREAFTER.

Dear my beloved old friend. Do YOU have these two or one of these two particular requirement??? renung-renungkan dan SELAMAT BERAMAL.... =)

p/s: aku tau mungkin kau nak bergurau dengan aku tapi maybe mood aku time tu tak kena kot dengan gurauan kau. Aku mintak maaf kalau apa yang aku rasa ni menyinggung kau. Kau tetap kawan aku dunia akhirat..insyaAllah..


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